Professional ski and freeride training by Jim K.

Some video clips - season 2009 :

Fun carving with leaning to elbow towards the hill
It is beautiful, I like it1
I did not like it, it is not for me1
Dynamical carving, middle and big radiuses
I did not like it2
Chain-short turns type "Wedeln"                    
Jim did it good1
No, he needs to try more2
Ensemble with regrouping type "asynchronous" - 6 people
I like it, they were good1
I did not like it, they can better2
         Freeride skiing in "Jim's forest" - random route
I liked it, I want it too1
I didn't like it, this one is crazy2
How to overcome the fear
I liked the idea, I will be bolder1
I am still afraid2
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