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What is the minimum and recommended age for a child to start ski lessons?

Jim K. December 22, 2016
1. The minimum age for ski lessons is 2.5 years.
- Even a child can not walk well alone when skiing the boots themselves secure it right, the remaining task for the balance not to fall is the job of the instructor. At this age, it is difficult to understand what he speaks, but the effect of sliding skis in the snow creates in him a sense of tickling, making him laugh and entertain. This develops on the one hand vestibular apparatus, the other love of skiing.

2. The recommended age on the other hand is 5 years.
- When a child is 5 (five), it knows how to speak well, moving well and much easier to learn the movements of skiing basicly by gaming forms. Fear does not yet excist, but it only helps for rapid progress in learning.
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