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If you can not ski, do you need to buy an equipment?

Jim K. December 22, 2016
1. Skiing equipment mainly includes: skis, ski boots and poles
- These items are considerably expensive and I recommend hiring them of ski wardrobes. Once you acquire the level of skills in skiing, you can buy ski boots and continue to hire skis and poles. Ski boots will adjust on your feet and will be adapted on them. Then you will have the good control of skiing and the fewest problems with sore legs.

2. Suit. Secondary equipment includes:
- Underwear - / layer 1 / - mandatory personally yours fit by size - tight body and high class (expensive)
- Ski pants - it is good to be waterproof at least 2000 mm water column and breathable. If you want to ski after 20th March when it is hot, it is better to have opening zips for ventilation.
- Fleece - / layer 2 / - Let it be thinner to keep you warm in combination with underwear, but not excessive sweating of thickness
- Jacket - / layer 3 / - jacket is medium thick to thin. It must be resistant at least 5000 mm water column, breathable, have zippers for ventilation under the arms and wide enough, so you do not feel tight.

3. Accessories. These are:
- Hat - not too thick to let your hair breathe. One perspiration will create discomfort.
- Helmet - it is preferable to hat. With the helmet you have protection, ventilation and insulation from the cold, snow and rain.
- Gloves - it's nice to be skiing type with reinforced knuckles and NOT to be washed. When the glove is washed it loses its capabilities of breathing and literally "dies". The gloves must dry ONLY on land, under the radiator. Never above fireplace or over a device that emits heat
- Glasses - glasses must be protected at least Category 3 (Cat.3), it is advisable to be Cat.4. If ski mask, it should have ionization (mirroring) layer for the sun and yellow/orange plaque for fog.
- Sun cream - I recommend the brand Piz Buin - SPF 30 lips and SPF 50 for the face.
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